Best left-handed notebooks: top picks for southpaws

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Notebooks are indispensable tools for writers, students, and professionals. They foster creativity, productivity, and the organization of thoughts and tasks. They offer a medium that is tactile and immediate. Often, this is favored over digital alternatives for the sense of connection and focus they can provide. However, the experience of using a notebook can vastly differ depending on the user's dominant hand. For left-handed individuals, the traditional notebook design can pose a challenge. Bindings and spirals often get in the way, leading to discomfort and smudged writing.

To cater to the 10% of the global population that is left-handed, manufacturers have created left-handed notebooks. These notebooks address the unique needs of left-handed writers. They often feature a design with the spiral or binding on the right side. Alternatively, they have a top-bound format that allows left-handers to write without resting their arms on a spiral or bump. Some designs also incorporate perforations or margins tailored for left-handed access. This ensures that writing is a seamless experience, regardless of which hand you favor.

When shopping for the best left-handed notebook, it's crucial to consider several factors. The type and position of the binding, paper quality, and cover durability play significant roles in the overall usability and longevity of the notebook. Additionally, the line spacing and page layout are important as they can impact the ease of writing for left-handers. Opting for notebooks with heavyweight, high-quality paper can also prevent ink from bleeding through the pages. This common pitfall can be exacerbated by the side-to-side motion of a left-hander's hand across the page.

Top left-handed notebooks

We've meticulously researched and compiled a comprehensive list of the best notebooks for left-handed users. Our selections cater to the unique needs of lefties, ensuring comfort and efficiency for those who prefer to write from left to right.

Roaring Spring Lefty Notebook

The Roaring Spring Lefty Notebook is a game-changer for lefties who value comfort and quality in their note-taking experience.


  • The right-side wire design avoids wrist discomfort while writing
  • Clean tear-out pages due to micro-perforation
  • Coil-locked wire ends to prevent snags and enhance durability


  • Cover and wire may be prone to damage during shipping
  • Paper quality may not withstand certain ink types without bleeding
  • Varied cover colors mean you can't choose your preferred color

We've found the agile design of the Roaring Spring Lefty Notebook to be a breath of fresh air for left-handed writers. Thanks to the thoughtful right-side spiral binding, the annoyance of rings pressing into our palms has vanished. It's surprising how such a simple shift in design can lead to such an improvement in comfort. The paper itself feels smooth to the touch, and we've noticed that pen ink glides on easily, making note-taking effortless.

The convenience of the micro-perforated sheets matches the joy of using a notebook tailored for us lefties. When it's time to share or store notes elsewhere, they come out crisp and clean, without the ragged edges that often plague tear-out pages. The coil-locked wire ends mean we're not catching our sleeves or bags on loose ends—a small but significant plus.

Despite its merits, the Roaring Spring Lefty Notebook has drawbacks. Upon arrival, some noticed dents on the durable covers and occasional fraying on the spiral, hinting at a need for better packaging during transit. Meanwhile, those of us who favor gel pens found that the paper could do a better job of handling certain inks to prevent bleed-through. Also, while the surprise element of assorted cover colors is fun, there are times when we wish we could pick our favorites to bring a bit of personal flair to our desks.

Jumbo Lefty Spiral 6-Pack

These notebooks are a top pick for left-handers seeking comfort and practicality in their note-taking.


  • No interference from spirals while writing
  • Easy on the eyes with gentle page colors
  • Pages can be neatly removed and placed in binders


  • Some may prefer a hardcover for more support
  • Only two customer reviews are available
  • Cover colors are random and cannot be chosen

If you're left-handed, like I am, you understand the struggle of writing with traditional notebooks. The double spiral binding of the Jumbo Lefty Spiral 6-Pack has solved that issue for us. It eliminates the discomfort of your wrist awkwardly pressing against the spirals since they're thoughtfully placed on the right.

These notebooks serve us well not just in how they open but also in their user-friendliness. The wide-ruled lines and soft white pages offer a relaxed visual experience, making prolonged use less taxing on the eyes - an aspect you'll appreciate as much as I do after a long study session.

Moreover, for us organizers, these spiral notebooks are a real treat. The ease of transferring pages to a binder, thanks to the 3-hole punch, keeps our notes streamlined. And having used these myself, I can vouch for the claim that the pages tear out cleanly without leaving frayed edges or loose spirals.

Jutom Lefty Notebooks

These notebooks are a fantastic choice for lefties who crave comfort and practicality in their writing experience.


  • Designed specifically for left-handers, avoiding wrist pressure from coils
  • Sturdy construction with quality materials for durability
  • Smooth paper allows for an enjoyable writing experience with various pens


  • The cover may feel too thin for some users
  • Traditionalists may find the reversed spiral design takes getting used to
  • Limited colors available, which might not appeal to everyone

After recently using the Jutom left-handed notebooks, we appreciated the innovative design that caters to us lefties. The spiral on the right means no more wrestling against the binding to write a simple sentence. The peace of mind that comes with smoothly running a pen across the page without smudges or discomfort is a small luxury, and these notebooks deliver just that.

Our writings felt secure with the sturdy cover and substantial paper. Thoughts flowed onto the page easily, capturing flashes of inspiration or simply jotting down a daily to-do list. These notebooks are crafted to keep up with varied environments, from the bustle of a work meeting to the quiet of a study session.

Though our journey with the Jutom notebooks has mostly been smooth, we wish for more variety in the cover designs. The classic black and navy hues conveyed a professional look that fits well in any setting. There's a certain simplicity to using a notebook that understands the challenges of being left-handed, and this product does just that.

DWIYITTN A5 Spiral Notebooks

We believe these spiral notebooks are a smart buy for their durable build and versatility, perfect for various writing settings.


  • The faux leather cover is not only stylish but also resilient and water-resistant.
  • Lightweight and a perfect size for daily carry in a bag or purse.
  • Tear-away sheets with a perforated edge are incredibly handy for on-the-go notes.


  • The cover might be prone to bending under rough handling.
  • Spiral binding could potentially snag on items when placed inside a bag.
  • Limited customer reviews to gauge long-term durability.

Our team recently had the chance to use these DWIYITTN notebooks and was impressed by the premium feel of the faux leather covers. Their sleek design came across as both professional and practical. Holding one, it becomes clear they are built to withstand regular transportation in a backpack or purse without taking damage from minor spills.

The fit and finish on the notebooks we encountered were top-notch. The rounded corners prevent them from becoming dog-eared, a common annoyance. Another feature we appreciated was the twin-wire binding, which allowed for a full 360-degree fold. Making notes during a bustling commute was remarkably easier because of this.

The experience of writing on cream-colored, acid-free paper offered a pleasant, eye-friendly contrast without the glare of overly bright pages. The lines are thoughtfully spaced, giving enough room for notes without feeling cramped. The perforated edges proved a subtle but significant convenience for those who often need to remove pages for sharing or filing.

GINMLYDA Spiral Journals

We think you'll appreciate these notebooks for their convenience and quality. They're perfect for left-handed note-takers who need to keep information organized.


  • Easy to carry, ideal size for various uses
  • The pages are thick enough to prevent ink bleed-through
  • The ability to open 360° makes for comfortable writing


  • Pages may leave bits of paper when torn out
  • Non-durable cover may not withstand rough use
  • Limited to wide-ruled pages, which may not suit everyone

After using these GINMLYDA notebooks, we noticed they're truly built for portability and ease. The size is just right for slipping into a bag, making them a convenient option for students and professionals alike.

The paper is sufficiently thick, so our gel pens didn't bleed through, which is always a plus.

The 360° spiral binding is a standout feature. As a left-handed person, I found it extremely helpful. I could fold the notebook back on itself and avoid the awkwardness of the left-hand spiral. Writing on the go was a simple task, and not having to deal with an annoying bump from the spirals improved our overall writing experience.

However, despite the many positives, a few drawbacks stood out. When pages are torn out, they tend to leave little flecks of paper behind, which can be annoying. The cover, made from soft cardboard, isn't the most robust, so it might not endure heavy wear and tear. And while the wide-ruled lines are spacious, this might be a limitation if you prefer more text on a single page.

Left-handed notebook buying guide

Paper quality

We cannot stress enough the importance of paper quality. Look for a good weight, typically measured in GSM (grams per square meter), preventing ink from bleeding.

A smoother surface is preferable for a more pleasant writing experience, as it reduces friction and wear on writing implements.this might be a limitation if you prefer more text on a single page

Feature Description
Weight Higher GSM is preferable, aim for 90 GSM or above
Texture Look for a smooth finish

Binding style

The binding of a notebook can affect its usability for left-handed individuals. A spiral binding on the right side is a popular option as it prevents interference while writing.

Binding Type Description
Right-Spiral Prevents obstruction for left-handers
Glue Binding Offers a flat surface but may lack durability

Size and portability

Consider the size of the notebook based on where and how it will be used. If portability is key, opt for a smaller size that easily fits most bags.critical

Size Suitability
A5 Highly portable, good for travel
A4 Better for comprehensive notes, less portable

Page layout

Our preference for page layout varies depending on the need. College-ruled lines are generally ideal for note-taking, while a grid or dotted layout may be better for drawing or technical work.

Layout Best For
Ruled Writing
Grid Drawing
Dotted Sketching

Additional features

Consider extra features like numbered pages, a table of contents, or perforated pages. These can enhance organization and flexibility.

Feature Utility
Numbered Pages Tracking
Table of Contents Organizing
Perforated Pages Ease of sharing

With these factors in mind, we can make an informed decision and select a notebook that caters to our specific preferences and requirements.

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