Best left handed drill bits: top picks for efficiency and precision

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In our quest for the best tools, we understand the unique challenges left-handed individuals face. With that in mind, we've meticulously researched to find left-handed drill bits that meet the standards of durability and precision and enhance the drilling experience for left-handers. Our selection prioritizes ease of use, quality, and overall performance, ensuring that every left-handed craftsman has the tools they need for a well-done job.

NEIKO Left-Hand Drill Bit Set

NEIKO Left-Hand Drill Bit Set

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If you frequently deal with stuck bolts, this set could be your go-to solution for hassle-free extractions.


  • Simplifies removal of broken fasteners
  • High surface hardness aids in penetrating tough materials
  • Left-hand design pairs well with screw extractors


  • Struggles with extremely hard materials like cast iron
  • Durability may vary with different usage
  • Limited size range for very specific or smaller tasks

Recently, we put the NEIKO Left-Hand Drill Bit Set through its paces in a series of tough bolt removal jobs. The bits' angled tips and twist design helped center and speed up the drilling process without much drift. It's an efficient feeling when a tool aligns and gets on with the job without a fuss.

The titanium nitride coating also appears to hold up well, giving these bits a tough exterior that withstands much of what we throw at them. However, we did notice that there may be better matches for denser materials like cast iron, which is worth considering depending on the task.

Adding to the practicality is the well-thought-out metal index case. Its compact design isn't just for organization – it also gives a professional feel while selecting the exact size needed, which surprisingly adds to our efficiency on the job. We find this kind of convenience is appreciated amid complex projects.

Drill Hog Lefty Bit Set

Drill Hog Lefty Bit Set

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We found this Drill Hog set to be indispensable for reversing stubborn screws and simplifying extractions.


  • Efficiently extracts broken bolts without further damage
  • Durable HI-Molybdenum M7 build ensures longevity
  • Backed by a reassuring lifetime warranty


  • Premium price point may be higher than some alternatives
  • A broken bit may mean a wait due to the warranty claim process
  • There may be a learning curve for those new to left-threaded bits

Having had our fair share of encounters with immovable bolts and screws, we've come to appreciate the reliable performance of Drill Hog's set. The resilience of the HI-Molybdenum M7 steel became clear after repeated use, showing no signs of wear or damage. Its 135-degree split point feature truly shines by gripping onto surfaces right from the start, reducing the tool's tendency to wander—a common annoyance when you're looking to get the job done expediently.

We've used these bits on several occasions, from automotive repairs to stubborn machinery screws, and each time they've performed admirably. The lifetime warranty that comes with these bits isn't just a selling point; it's a testament to the manufacturer's confidence in their product's performance—confidence that we've found well-placed after putting these bits through their paces.

However, while the quality is undeniable, the price can make one pause. And although we've yet to break one of these bits, the idea of having to send them in for replacement—a part of the lifetime warranty process—does suggest potential downtime. It's also worth noting that if you're new to left-threaded bits, there may be a bit of a learning curve, but the payoff in terms of time saved on stubborn screws is more than worth it.

Coobeast Drill Set

Coobeast 35 Pcs Screw Extractor and Left Hand Drill Bits Set

We think this Coobeast Drill Set is a must-have for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike, thanks to its precision and ease of extracting troublesome screws.


  • Excellent for removing rounded or damaged bolts without hassle
  • Sharp and durable, making the job quick and efficient
  • Organized case keeps tools secure and easy to find


  • Not ideal for use on stainless steel applications
  • May require additional tools like an adjustable wrench or impact wrench for best results
  • Case quality might not match that of the drill bits and extractors

Our experience with the Coobeast Drill and Extractor Set was indeed a game-changer. When we found ourselves struggling with stripped bolts on an old engine block, we were amazed at how effortlessly we could reverse them out. The titanium coating on the bits does add to their longevity, even after multiple uses.

We've been able to utilize this kit around the house, not just for automotive woes. Just last week, we salvaged a cabinet door with a stubborn screw, and it was a breeze with the multi-spline screw extractors. No pre-drilling was required, just a straight shot in, and the stripped piece was out.

These drill bits in our tool arsenal have given us quiet confidence. Whether in a professional shop or a home garage, their ability to cut into corroded fasteners cleanly and extract them without causing additional damage has made seemingly impossible jobs routine. Plus, staying organized is easy with the heavy-duty case—nothing goes missing.

Remember, while this set is a powerhouse for most tasks, avoid using it on stainless steel, and make sure you have the tools to support the kit for the best experience.

Lichamp 13-Piece Drill Set

Lichamp Drill Bits

If you often find yourself removing stubborn bolts or working with reverse-threaded screws, this Lichamp drill bit set should be a mainstay in your toolkit.


  • Designed specifically for use with reversible drills
  • Features a twist design and a 135-degree split point for increased efficiency
  • Comes in a neatly organized and durable metal storage case


  • The smallest bits may be prone to breaking under high-pressure
  • A couple of bits might not be sharpened optimally for left-handed use despite their design
  • The set may arrive with missing or broken bits, according to some users

Upon handling the Lichamp 13-Piece Drill Set, we first notice the robust titanium nitride coating – it gives the bits a resilient finish that's not only tough on materials but easy on the eyes. The steel feels high-quality, M2 grade, lending confidence that these bits can easily handle numerous projects. We've smoothly drilled through metal sheets several times; the precision of the 135-degree split point truly shines, minimizing the frustration of bit 'walking.'

The twist design of these bits is supposed to expel debris quickly to maintain a clean work area. During our use, this feature was evident; it's clear that thought has been put into the efficiency of these tools. Chips and particulates didn't hang around, which can be a real pain when working with metal.

Storage hasn't been an issue either. The metal case included in the package is smartly designed, keeping the bits securely in place. It's obvious when a piece is missing, helping us stay organized. Thanks to the clear indexing, we're also assured that we're always reaching for the correct size.

Overall, their performance-to-price ratio makes these drill bits a worthy investment for any DIY enthusiast or professional. Despite some cons, their construction and design reflect a product crafted with user challenges in mind.

Drill Hog Lefty Bit Set

Drill Hog Left Handed Drill Bits

We recommend this set for anyone looking to remove broken bolts efficiently with durable drill bits.


  • Removes broken right-hand bolts effectively
  • High heat resistance increases longevity
  • No need for a pilot hole simplifies the process


  • Limited to only five sizes
  • May not be suitable for all materials
  • Higher price point than standard bits

Having recently had the opportunity to use these left-handed Drill Hog bits, they truly deliver on their promise. Their construction from Niobium Nb41 steel suggested impressive durability and lived up to that expectation during use. We effortlessly removed several broken studs from a tractor, and these bits bit into the metal without a hitch, negating the need for any pilot holes.

We were initially skeptical about not needing a starter bit, but these bits' performance could have been better. We didn't need extra steps to extract stuck bolts; we just set our drill in reverse, as instructed, and the bits grabbed and twisted out the stubborn bolts like a charm. This feature saved us significant time and hassle, especially when working with troublesome farm equipment.

Their heat-resistant quality also stood out. Despite the friction and heat generated from the removal process, the bits maintained their edge and showed no sign of premature wear. However, It's essential to mention that while the set includes a proper range of sizes from 1/8" to 3/8", this may not cover every potential task, especially if you're dealing with various bolt sizes. Also, their heavy-duty nature comes at a higher cost than more common drill bits, which might be a consideration for those on a strict budget. Despite the price, the durability and the lifetime warranty offer peace of mind and justify the investment.

Buying guide

When choosing left-handed drill bits, we must consider several critical features to ensure we purchase the best tools. I've included below a curated guide designed to help in the selection process.

Material quality

The durability and performance of left-handed drill bits depend highly on their construction material.

Material Features
High-speed steel (HSS) Durable and suitable for general use.
Cobalt Excellent for drilling into harder materials.
Carbide Provides the longest life and is the most brittle.

Bit size and type

There are various sizes and types, and our selection should align with our specific drilling requirements.

  • Individual bits: Select for specific, one-time needs.
  • Sets: Offer a range of sizes for different purposes.


Different coatings can enhance the drill bit's lifespan and performance.

  • Black oxide: increases wear resistance.
  • Titanium nitride: reduces friction and increases longevity.

Flute design

The spiral flutes of left-handed drill bits are crucial for efficiently removing the swarf.

  • Standard flute: Suitable for most applications.
  • Parabolic flute: Ideal for soft materials where rapid chip removal is needed.

Shank type

The shank type determines how the bit will fit into our drill chuck.

  • Round shank: Provides ease in chucking and unchucking.
  • Hex shank: Offers a firmer grip and prevents slippage.


Ensure that the bits are compatible with our drill's specifications and capabilities.

  • Check the chuck size.
  • Verify RPM ratings align with our drill.

Choosing the correct left-handed drill bits requires thoughtful consideration of these features. Our selection should be driven by the specific needs of the task and the materials we'll be working with.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section addresses some of the most common queries regarding using left-handed drill bits. Our insights are based on practical experiences and industry standards, providing you with reliable information for your metalworking projects.

What advantages do left-handed drill bits offer when working with steel?

Left-handed drill bits facilitate more effortless counter-clockwise drilling, which can be particularly useful when removing broken bolts or screws from steel. The reverse drilling action often helps loosen the stuck hardware without using a separate extract.

For drilling into hardened steel, choosing left-handed drill bits made of high-speed steel (HSS) with a cobalt blend is essential. These are designed for superior heat resistance and durability, which are crucial when working with tough metals.

What is the difference between cobalt and carbide left-handed drill bits?

Cobalt left-handed drill bits are known for their resistance to heat and wear, and they are ideal for drilling into stainless steel and other hard metals. Carbide bits are even harder and more brittle, suited for exact drilling in the most challenging materials, offering longer life but at a higher price point.

What should be considered when choosing a left-handed drill bit set for metal work?

Selecting a left-handed drill bit set requires considering the material's toughness, the drill bit needed, and the frequency of use. It's essential to have a variety of sizes and choose bits with the appropriate coatings, such as titanium or cobalt, to enhance performance and lifespan.

How do you properly use left-handed drill bits to remove broken bolts or screws?

To remove broken bolts or screws, start by ensuring the workpiece is secure. Use a center punch to make a dimple on the bolt or screw remnant for the drill bit to grip. Begin drilling with the left-handed bit at a slow speed with steady pressure, which may release the broken piece without needing an extractor.

Which brands are known for producing the highest quality left-handed drill bits?

Brands like Norseman, Bosch, and Milwaukee are highly regarded for manufacturing top-quality left-handed drill bits. These brands offer a range of options for different materials and applications, ensuring durability, reliability, and precision.

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