The best gifts for left-handed people

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Left-handed individuals often face challenges in a world primarily designed for right-handed users, from scissors that don't cut appropriately to notebooks that are uncomfortable to use. This discrepancy can make seemingly simple tasks more cumbersome for approximately 10% of the left-handed population. However, a range of products specifically designed for left-handers can provide both functional and delightful gifts, turning everyday obstacles into seamless activities.

When looking for the perfect gift for a left-handed person, it's essential to consider products that cater to their unique needs. Whether ergonomic tools, office supplies, or kitchen gadgets, the market has been increasingly attentive to creating left-handed variants. Lefties can benefit significantly from items such as scissors with reversed blades, notebooks with bindings on the right, or even guitars with strings arranged in mirror images—all intended to make their use more natural and comfortable.

The key to selecting the best gift is understanding the needs and preferences of the left-handed person you're buying for. Pay attention to the quality of materials, the design's ergonomic features, and the product's ability to truly enhance the user's daily life. Consider whether the item is a novelty or will withstand time and frequent use. This attention to detail will show thoughtfulness and ensure that the gift is both appreciated and practical.

After meticulously reviewing various items tailored for left-handers, we're poised to guide you through the top gifts that will make the lives of left-handed friends, family, or colleagues more accessible and enjoyable.

Top gifts for left-handed individuals

We understand the unique challenges left-handed people face in a world designed for right-handers. Our curated selection of gifts is tailored to enhance comfort and efficiency for the left-handed loved ones in your life. From ergonomic tools to left-handed notebooks, we've considered quality, usability, and customer feedback to ensure our recommendations satisfy various preferences and needs.

Lefty's LapPal

LapGear Lap Desk

Our left-handed friends will appreciate the thoughtful design of the LapGear Home Office Lap Desk, specifically tailored to their comfort and ease of use.


  • Adapted mouse pad placement for left-handed users
  • Portable with a comfortable dual cushion design
  • Includes a convenient phone holder


  • Limited space for extra-large laptops or multiple devices
  • Surface may reflect screen glare due to silver carbon finish
  • Only one color option is available

We've just tried out the LapGear Lap Desk designed for the left-hand dominant among us, and it's game-changing for daily comfort and utility. The mouse pad is on the left side, which seems like a simple tweak, but the difference in ease of use is substantial. It's built with attention to detail, incorporating a device ledge that stops your gadgets from sliding off.

The dual bolster cushioning is a standout feature – it's comfortable against the thighs and stable enough for a work session from the couch or in bed. Since we're always on the move, the lightness of the lap desk, paired with the robust carry handle, makes it an ideal travel companion. You can take it on a trip without worrying about bulk.

Yet, customization is limited. If you love bright colors or patterns, the silver carbon look might not excite you as much as it does us. We were also mindful of the potential for problematic glare on sunny days, but generally, the surface is smooth and conducive to concentrated work without distraction. It feels like a well-rounded solution for left-handed users who seek a balance of comfort and function in their peripherals.

Liam+Lu Left-Handed Notebooks

Left-Handed Notebook

These left-handed notebooks are a game-changer for lefties looking for comfort and style in their stationery.


  • Ergonomic design for left-handers
  • Waterproof and durable cover
  • Stylish look with trendy colors


  • Limited choices for color selection
  • Higher price point compared to standard notebooks
  • Only one size available

Having recently used these left-handed notebooks, we've found that they offer a comfortable writing experience, unlike the usual spiral-bound notebooks that create discomfort for left-handers. The spiral on the right side means we no longer have to wrestle with the wire, making note-taking seamless and pain-free.

The covers have a lasting quality that resists spills, and we appreciate how the sleek design doesn’t scream "left-handed equipment" but exudes sophistication with its subtle accents and stylish hues.

We've carried these notebooks from meeting to meeting without worrying about wear and tear. The convenient size fits well in most bags, and the paper quality held up to various pens without bleed-through. These notebooks hit the mark for left-handed students or professionals seeking everyday elegance in their writing tools.

Henoyso Lefty Notebooks

Henoyso Lefty Notebooks

These notebooks are thoughtful for left-handed users looking for comfort and practicality in daily writing.


  • Tailored design enhances writing comfort for left-handers
  • Ample supply with a pack of five, each in a different color
  • Quality paper minimizes ink bleeding and promotes smooth writing


  • Binding may not be as durable as expected
  • Potential quality control issues with page orientation
  • Limited to college ruling, which may not suit everyone's preferences

As left-handers, we appreciate how the Henoyso notebooks flip open in a way that finally puts us at ease—no more wrestling with conventional spirals. With pages that turn effortlessly and lie flat, jotting down notes is a breeze, and the absence of the spiral on our wrist is a much-welcomed change.

We love the variety of colors these notebooks offer—organizing different subjects or projects is easy. The size is large enough to capture all the necessary details but still fits comfortably in most bags. Moreover, the paper quality pleasantly surprised us; our favorite gel pens glided across without bleed-through.

On the flip side, we've noted the construction might not withstand the wear and tear of daily commuting. A few among us have received a couple of notebooks where the pages were bound upside down—a slight hiccup we hope Henoyso addresses in their otherwise well-thought-out design.

These Henoyso Lefty Notebooks elegantly accommodate the left-hander's writing style while injecting colorful organization into our work routine. Despite a few concerns, we find them a sensible and considerate gift for any left-hander, especially students and professionals who write frequently.

MOKOQI Levitating Globe


This MOKOQI Levitating Globe is a mesmerizing addition to any room that will intrigue left-handers and right-handers alike with its floating feature.


  • Entertaining levitation effect with long-lasting spin
  • Colorful LED lighting enhances visual appeal
  • Serves as both an educational tool and a conversation starter


  • The small size may not be as impactful in larger spaces
  • Initial setup can be tricky and requires patience
  • Globe may lose levitation during power outages and require resetting

Having just placed the MOKOQI Levitating Globe on our desk, we're taken by its unique ability to float effortlessly in the air. The globe's smooth rotation is captivating, and the subtle LED lighting casts a pleasant glow that transforms it into a striking decorative piece, especially as the evening falls. It's not just eye candy; the detailed map has proven to spark curiosity about the world in those who lean toward geography and STEM topics.

During the day, this globe continues to impress. It comes alive under the sunlight, with colors that pop and beckon a closer look. Friends and visitors can't help but stop by for a demonstration, which encourages engaging discussions about how the levitation technology works. Fascination is a given, often becoming the center of attention in our space.

We should note that mastering the levitation has a learning curve. It took us a couple of tries to get the globe hovering just right. Once set up, however, the maintenance is pretty straightforward. Just avoid any magnetic interference that could disrupt the globe's balance. And while we've had interruptions during power outages, resetting the world promptly restores its magic show.

In conclusion, the MOKOQI Levitating Globe is a novelty that effortlessly blends education, technology, and décor. It's a gift that will delight anyone left-handed, as its ease of use and visual appeal transcend hand dominance. The compact size makes it perfect for personal spaces, ensuring it won't overwhelm but will charm anyone who sees it.

Lefty's Writing Essentials

Left-Handed Writing Set

We're confident this pen and notebook set will be a game-changer for left-handed writers seeking comfort and convenience.


  • Pens are custom-designed for left-handed grip
  • Notebooks encourage natural writing posture for lefties
  • Multilingual "Left-Handed" print adds a unique global touch


  • Higher price point than standard stationery
  • Notebooks may seem like a novelty rather than a necessity
  • The set can feel limited for the price

As left-handers, we usually need help with ink smudges and awkward writing angles, but thanks to the 3 Left-Handed Visio Pens included in this set, these problems are a thing of the past. The design is fantastic, allowing our hand to glide across the page without smudging – a victory for us tired of ink-stained palms.

The two complementary left-handed college-ruled notebooks have genuinely enhanced our note-taking experience. They lay flat and open easily from left to right; no more battling against spirals or dealing with discomfort while writing close to the notebook's spine. It’s pretty liberating to write freely without any contortions.

Despite the charming and practical design, we can’t ignore that the price seems a bit steep for notebooks and pens. Nonetheless, after using these products, the comfort and ease they bring to our daily writing endeavors justify the cost. This thoughtful set should not be dismissed – especially if you know the challenges left-handed individuals often face with standard stationery.

Lefty's Notebook Set

Left-handed College Ruled Notebook

These notebooks are a thoughtful gift for left-handers, especially given their tailored design for southpaw scribes.


  • Spiral on the right avoids wrist discomfort
  • Perforated pages make for easy sharing
  • "Property of a lefty" declaration celebrates uniqueness


  • Higher cost compared to regular notebooks
  • Limited stock colors may restrict choice
  • Cover's finish may wear against the skin over time

Having just gotten our hands on these Lefty's College Ruled Notebooks, we're impressed by the attention to detail in their design. The spiral on the right side is a clever touch that left-handed writers will appreciate during long note-taking sessions. No more painful imprints on our wrists from pesky spirals!

The easy-to-tear sheets make collaborating with classmates or coworkers a breeze. And the two pockets included are just the ticket for organizing loose papers. While the "Property of a Lefty" statement printed on the cover is a charming way to flaunt one's left-handed pride, it's also practical, ensuring that these notebooks don't get mixed up in a busy classroom or office.

We have noticed a few downsides, though. These notebooks come at a premium, which could be better when tight budgets are involved. It's a bit of a letdown that we can’t choose our preferred colors; selection hinges on what's available at the time of purchase. On top of that, through regular use, we found that the printed design on the cover might start to transfer onto our hands, which is less than ideal.

Lefty's Notebook Set stands out for its user-focused design despite the cons. It's a comfort upgrade for any left-handed individual wrestling with standard right-oriented notebooks. As a gift, these notebooks signal thoughtfulness and care for the recipient's writing comfort.

Left-Handed Learner's Set

Left-Handed Notebooks and Pens

After using these items, they're a thoughtful gift for left-handed individuals who appreciate comfort and practicality in their writing tools.


  • Notebooks are designed to cater to left-handed users specifically
  • Visio pens enhance writing clarity and reduce smudging
  • A variety of pen colors promotes organization and creativity


  • Pen grips may require an adjustment period for some users
  • Limited to wide-ruled pages, which may not suit everyone’s needs
  • Pen ink can run out quickly with frequent use

Stepping into the shoes of a left-handed person, we immediately noticed the stark difference these "Lefties Rule" notebooks made. When taking notes, the spiral binding on the opposite side meant no more wrist strain or awkward angles. This thoughtful design proves it's not a mere novelty but a helpful feature.

The Visio pens included in this set were a revelation, drying quickly to prevent the dreaded left-handed smudge. Switching between tasks, we found the ink vibrant on paper, and the assortment of colors made it easy to organize our notes.

However, the pens took a little getting used to. The grip feels different from standard pens, so finding the proper hold might take a moment. And while most of us enjoy the spaciousness of wide-ruled lines, those accustomed to more text per page might need to improve the efficiency of college-ruled notebooks.

Buying guide

When looking for the best gifts for left-handed individuals, we should consider their unique challenges in a right-oriented world. The key features to focus on are design, comfort, and practicality, ensuring the product enhances their daily life.

Key features

  • Design: The ergonomics of a product is crucial. We look for items specifically tailored to suit the natural movement of left-handers.
  • Comfort: The gift should feel natural without causing strain or discomfort to the left-hander.
  • Practicality: Every product must serve its purpose effectively and be a convenient addition to the recipient's life.

What to look for

  • Adaptability:
    • Does the item adjust to left-handed use?
    • Is it equally valid for lefties as it is for righties?
  • Quality of material:
    • Are the materials durable and long-lasting?
    • Is the construction solid, without compromise?
  • Ease of use:
    • Does the design intuitively support left-handed use?
    • Can it be used efficiently without unnecessary complications?

Considerations table

Consideration Questions to ask Why it's important
Orientation Is it designed for lefties? Ensures usability and comfort.
Daily utility Will it simplify daily tasks? Enhances the overall experience.
Aesthetics Is it visually appealing? Gifts should also bring joy.

Using these guidelines, we empower ourselves to select thoughtful and appropriate gifts demonstrating care and understanding of the left-hander’s needs.

Sammy Southpaw

Sammy Southpaw

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