The best left-handed scissors for precision cutting and comfort

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For the 10 percent of left-handers, finding suitable scissors is crucial. Our selection of top left-handed scissors, designed for visibility and comfort, addresses this need. We prioritize ergonomics, blade quality, tension adjustment, and ease of use, ensuring each pair meets left-handers' specific requirements for various tasks like crafting, fabric cutting, and daily use.

Maped Expert Left-Handed Scissors

We highly recommend these scissors for any lefty looking for a smooth, natural cutting experience.


  • Designed exclusively for left-handed use, enhancing precision
  • Blades remain sharp, even through heavy use
  • Comfortable grip reduces hand fatigue during extensive cutting tasks


  • Not suitable for right-handed users
  • Some may find the handle size restrictive
  • Premium features come at a higher price point

Cutting with the Maped Expert Left-Handed Scissors feels intuitively correct. As lefties ourselves, we've often struggled with right-handed scissors, but these are a genuine game changer. Thanks to the thoughtfully designed blade alignment, they glide through materials effortlessly, allowing us to see exactly where we're cutting. The ergonomic handles provide a comfortable and stable cutting experience for prolonged crafting sessions.

We've used these scissors on everything from paper to cardstock and fabric, and they consistently deliver clean, sharp cuts. Their versatility is impressive, handling multiple materials without any loss of performance. Furthermore, the stainless steel construction promises durability, and after months of use, they've shown no signs of wear or rust.

Whether you're wrapping gifts, working on craft projects, or cutting out patterns for sewing, these scissors provide reliable, accurate performance. Tools catering to our left-handed orientation make left-handed orientation us more productive and the work more enjoyable. We've all been through the frustration of using ill-fitting tools, but with the Maped Expert Left-Handed Scissors, that's a thing of the past.

Westcott Lefty Carbo-Titanium Scissors

We believe these scissors are a solid choice for left-handed individuals seeking durable and precise cutting tools for various materials.


  • The CarboTitanium blades offer exceptional strength and retain sharpness for longer periods.
  • Ergonomic design provides comfort specifically for left-handed users during extensive cutting tasks.
  • They are corrosion-resistant, making them a lasting addition to your home or office supplies.


  • The robust build might add some weight, which can be noticeable during long crafting sessions.
  • Some users might find the handles slightly less comfortable compared to other models.
  • Due to their heavy-duty nature, they may not be as suitable for delicate cutting work.

In my recent experience with these Westcott scissors, I've been thoroughly impressed by their cutting prowess. The CarboTitanium blades easily glide through various materials, from thick cardboard to fabric, making my crafting projects effortless. The left-handed design has made a difference, and using a tool that aligns with my natural hand orientation is refreshing.

Upon first use, I could tell that these shears were crafted with durability in mind. They are undeniably strong, and the blades remain pristine even after multiple uses. Yet, their heavy-duty nature does not compromise precision. I've completed several intricate cuts, and the results were consistently clean and accurate.

The ergonomic handles are a feature I can't overlook. As someone who often spends hours on end working on projects, comfortable grips are a must. These Westcott scissors fit comfortably in my hand, reducing fatigue and making it easier to maintain control during long crafting sessions. The assurance of having a tool that lasts without worrying about rust or degradation adds peace of mind, allowing me to focus solely on the creative aspect of my endeavors.

YAZEMKEL Lefty Scissors 3-Pack

We recommend these scissors for any left-handed individual looking for efficient and comfortable cutting tools for various tasks.


  • The ergonomic design caters superbly to left-handers
  • Durable stainless steel construction ensures longevity
  • Smooth and efficient cutting across multiple materials


  • Not as versatile as tougher materials like plastic bags
  • Some users may find them a bit stiff initially
  • Limited color options, which may not appeal to all tastes

Having recently utilized the YAZEMKEL Lefty Scissors, we are genuinely impressed by the ease of use they offer. The ergonomic design is a real game-changer for left-handers; it feels more natural than the usual right-handed versions. In our office, we've cut through stacks of paper with minimal effort, and the blades have remained sharp even with heavy use.

Another noteworthy aspect is how the scissors feel in the hand—the grip is comfortable even during extended cutting periods. At home, we've tried them on various fabrics, and they consistently deliver clean cuts, which is a testament to their versatile design.

Although most of the experience has been positive, we encountered limitations when cutting heavier plastic materials. However, considering the excellent performance with other materials, that's a trade-off we can live with. Some of us noticed that the initial stiffness eased with use, and it certainly didn't hinder the overall cutting experience.

Overall, our hands-on experience with the YAZEMKEL Lefty Scissors makes us confident in endorsing them to our fellow left-handed friends seeking reliable, long-lasting scissors.

Fiskars Lefty Scissors

We recommend these scissors for any left-hander who values precise, comfortable, and easy cutting for many crafts.


  • Ergonomically designed for left-handed comfort
  • Razor-sharp edges make for consistent, clean cuts
  • Durability promises longevity and reliability


  • Higher price point compared to some competitors
  • May be too large for those with smaller hands
  • Limited color options are available

From unwrapping the Fiskars Lefty Scissors, the quality speaks for itself. The ergonomic design suits our left-handed grip perfectly, which is a relief during lengthy crafting sessions. Their sharp blades easily glide through various materials, from paper to fabric, making every cut clean and precise.

We've tested these scissors with several hours of continuous crafting. The long-term comfort delivered by the bent handles, which keep materials flat, is commendable. The lack of discomfort or hand fatigue makes the experience delightful.

After weeks of daily use, we've experienced no loosening at the pivot point—a common issue with scissors of lesser quality. Our creative projects have benefited from the control and precision that these scissors afford. The Fiskars Lefty Scissors are an exemplary tool for any left-handed individual invested in arts and crafts.

Lefty's Scissors Set

We believe these scissors are essential for lefties looking for comfortable and efficient cutting tools.


  • Custom grips truly cater to left-handers, enhancing comfort.
  • Blades are reversed for better visibility and accuracy while cutting.
  • Two sizes are included, offering versatility for various tasks.


  • Some users report dullness, suggesting inconsistent blade sharpness.
  • They are not suitable for heavy-duty cutting due to their general-purpose design.
  • Mixed reviews indicate that not all lefties find the design optimal.

Having had a chance to use Lefty's Scissors Set, I'm pleased with how the reversed blades align with my natural left-handed cutting motion. It's refreshing not to fight against the scissors but rather have them complement my movements. The grip feels like it was made just for me, preventing the usual discomfort that arises from using right-handed scissors.

Including two sizes is convenient, as I can switch between them depending on the task at hand. Whether I'm doing fine cutting work or need the heft of the larger pair, this set meets most of my everyday needs. Carrying the Lefty's brand logo, they also serve as a statement of pride for left-handers.

Despite the satisfaction with their comfort and cutting style, I've heard others mention that some pairs might not be as sharp as expected. It appears there might be some variance in quality. They're also not the ideal tool for anyone needing scissors for intensive cutting jobs. And while these scissors are advertised for left-handers like us, the feedback from the community suggests they might not be the perfect fit for all left-handed users.

Left-handed scissors buying guide

Assessing the handle comfort

We should first ensure that the scissors have a comfortable handle designed specifically for left-handed users. This typically means the handle is contoured to fit our left hand's natural grip.

Blade quality

We look for stainless steel blades as they resist corrosion and provide a smooth cutting experience. The blades' alignment and sharpness are crucial for precise cuts, so we recommend checking these features keenly.

Size and application

Depending on our task, we select the appropriate size. Smaller blades are preferable for intricate work, while larger blades can handle more material. Here's a quick reference:

Task Recommended blade size
Detailed work Smaller blades
General tasks Medium blades
Heavy-duty tasks Larger blades

Ease of use

We favor scissors with adjustable blade tension. This allows us to fine-tune the cutting process to our preference, ensuring a more efficient experience.


Durable scissors save us from frequent replacements. We look for options with sturdy construction that can withstand regular use.

Remembering these factors helps us make an informed selection, leading to an optimal cutting experience with our left-handed scissors.

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